Interactive Map of the District

Point your browser to

This will bring you to this web-based browser:

Census Map

You will want to add "school districts" to the map to view boundaries. You do so by clicking on that layer.

For Vintage, select Current.

Click on the "Transportation (Roads and Railroads)" layer.

Click on the Query menu function.

Choose "school districts" and type in "Unified School Districts" in the dropdown menu. Under "and/or" type in Poughkeepsie. Submit.


Census Tool Address Boundaries

This returns the boundaries of the Spackenkill School District.

census tool with boundaries identified
 You can also add other layers to the map, such as place and county subdivisions to use as landmarks. You can also add a street address: 112 Spackenkill Road, Spackenkill High School, Poughkeepsie, NY is shown identified below. Zoom in or out using the slide to see details or the big picture.


Census Map with SHS Identified