Athletic Placement Process

The Spackenkill UFSD is proud to offer its students a broad spectrum of potential athletic involvement beginning in seventh grade.

The purpose of the statewide Advanced Placement Process (APP) is to determine the level of physical fitness students have when compared to older athletes that will be competing in high school programs. If your son or daughter is seeking to be part of a junior varsity or varsity high school team, a fitness test, along with a physical examination, will determine whether the appropriate level of physical development has evolved in relation to similar levels of older students (tanner test). Students must pass all required parts in order to be eligible for a tryout and to ensure the safety of their participation. 

This program is designed for the exceptional athlete in that the specific talent and conditioning level would need to be well above the level of the average for athletes of a similar age. It is not intended to help schools fill out high school rosters or give kids a head start for the sake of early involvement.

Parents can expect students to be asked to complete 4 to 5 parts of the test, depending on the high school team they are seeking to join. Tests include Curl-ups, Shuttle run, V-sit or Sit & Reach, 1 Mile Run, and Pull-ups or Right Angle push-ups.  Athletes may be given a second chance at part of the test where they are close enough to achieve the needed score. It is not possible for athletes to be given as many chances as they wish.

Parents are cautioned that even though an athlete may be physically ready, it does not mean that he/she may be emotionally or socially ready to handle the normal stress of competition, or have the ability to mix with older athletes. Even though coaches set the stage for assimilation of younger students into the team structure, the younger athletes must be comfortable within this environment. Should this not be a natural adjustment, it is recommended that the athlete remain at the district's modified level or wait until high school. This decision must be made during the first 3 to 5 days of upper level practice as required by state modified rules.

A parent permission form is required to complete the Athletic Placement Process. Both parents and athletes are asked to take the time to read the state and athletic rules before signing. 

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